Plugins status


This plugin has been a collection of classes that I used in my day to day projects. As it became a bit “fat”, I have splitted the plugin into many plugins :

The swToolboxPlugin still have useful classes, I might in the future create a new plugin if some classes can be merged.


This plugin allows to translate static text within the website. I have updated the plugin this week to used jQuery UI and add new parsing feature. Now in the translation box you have 4 main tabulations:

  • Page : display translation from the current page
  • Actions : display translation from actions class.
  • Lib : display translation from the lib folder
  • Ajax : display translation which cannot be parsed (so you need to set this translation)

The interaction has been improved, the translation window has 2 states :

  • close : only the window title is visible and the opacity is set to 25%
  • open : the window is open with tabs and translation inputs are set in the right side panel.

[include picture here]


I am the unofficial maintainer of this plugin originally written by Carl Vondrick. I have added some doctrine specific feature in order to rebuild the index (Propel version will be implemented too). I have also created a specific Solr branch. Solr is extended java implementation of Lucene.

I have not advertised too much on the change as I have not completed the migration from symfony 1.0 to symfony 1.2 (I have to update the test suite). But the project is used in production and works fine.


  • If you use these plugins, register on the symfony website and mark them.
  • If you have any bug report or request features, please go to symfony trac and add ticket : section ‘plugins’ and include the name of the plugin in the ticket subject.